The Labour Law Academy provides access to online training on a wide range of labour law courses.

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Courses are based on the articles written on particular subjects or topics.


The programmes offered by the Labour Law Academy consists of a number of courses on the same topic or theme.

The aim is to be comprehensive in what is presented  Follow the link to see the programmes which are now accessible and those which will be available during 2019.


The Labour Law Academy publishes a number of books all of which have been written under the theme “A Practitioner’s Guide to …….”

The books have been complied from the articles written within a theme such as evidence, labour dispute resolution, dismissal, and sexual harassment.


In this section you will find  articles on particular topics.

The aim of these  articles is to assist Practitioners to keep up to date with case law and particularly those cases which are of relevance to workplace issues.

Articles form part of the books. They have been separated so that they can be purchased individually. If information is required on a particular matter, then the article can be purchased rather than having to buy a whole book.

Webinars, workshops and case law updates 

The Labour Law Academy enables you to keep up to date with current issues and provides a forum for discussion and debate.

Webinars are held over the internet using an app called  Zoom [click to download this app].

The idea is that having done one or more courses, you attend a webinar in which practical application of the course material is discussed together with others who have done the same course or program.

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Case law updates are FREE discussions of case law each month.

Faith at work

A million or more South Africans attend a prayer meeting called on short notice. Amazing! Most of those are involved in labour relations in a range of workplaces. Most Christians are not able to link their work to their faith; there is a disconnect between the two, it is as if we live in two parallel universes.

It is a central aim of the Labour Law Academy to help Christians to see the relevance of their work to their faith, and their faith to their work. For that reason, and in furtherance of the gospel, there is a section dealing with this. It is intended as a provocation to fellow Christ followers and as a means of revealing the gospel to those who seek the truth.

Labour Law Academy- knowledge and skills just when you need it!

The Labour Law Academy gives Practitioners in the field of labour law, labour relations and human resource management access to knowledge and skills on a wide range of issues just when it is needed. Unlike traditional training or consulting where information and skills are provided to customers at an expensive training venue and on some random date so that by the time a Practitioner needs the information and skills it has been forgotten, the courses presented by the Labour Law Academy are available when a dispute arises, or when information is required.