Case Law Updates

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The case law updates are aimed at explaining the current case law as reported by the SAFLII website. The intention is to assist Practitioners to keep up to date with case law and to highlight matters arising from case law which is of special interest to Practitioners.

For this reason, only those cases which are of practical assistance, and in which the law is set out in an accessible manner are discussed. Debates about the cases and differences of opinion, as well as academic discourse is avoided in order to achieve these objectives.

Introduction to November and December 2019 case law update [click to start video]

Amalungelo Workers’ Union and Others v Philip Morris South Africa (Pty) Limited and Another (CCT20/18) [2019] ZACC 45 (26 November 2019) [click to watch the video below]


Qwelane v South African Human Rights Commission and Another (686/2018) [2019] ZASCA 167 (29 November 2019)[click the video below]

Archer v Public School-Pinelands High School and Others (CA12/18) [2019] ZALAC 70 (25 November 2019) [click the video below]

De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd (Venetia Mine) v National Union of Mineworkers and Others (JA83/18) [2019] ZALAC 72 (11 December 2019) [click the video below]

Legal Aid South Africa v Theunissen (CA14/18) [2019] ZALAC 71 (25 November 2019) [click the video below]

Adcock Ingram Healthcare Proprietary Limited v GIWUSA obo Khumalo and Others (JR2134/17) [2019] ZALCJHB 309 (7 November 2019) [click the video below]

National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa v Scribante Africa Mining (Pty) Ltd and Another (J1982/19) [2019] ZALCJHB 298 (5 November 2019)