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101 Introduction to legal skills: How to think like a lawyer
110 An introduction to labour relations in South Africa
120 A guide for employees in a disciplinary hearing
125 An introduction to workplace rules
130 An introduction to chairing a disciplinary hearing
150 An introduction to conciliation
181 An introduction to terms and conditions of employment
190 When must an employee be paid severance pay?
810 Procedural fairness of a dismissal for poor performance
820 Substantive fairness of a dismissal on the ground of poor performance
910 Dismissal on the ground of ill health or injury
1010 Retrenchment- part 1
1020 Retrenchment – part 2
1030 Mass retrenchments
1040 Retrenchment of a single employee
1050 Assessing retrenchment disputes
1060 Severance pay disputes
1110 Remedies for unfair dismissal
Article Code Title of article is in bold. If not in bold then it forms part of the article title under which it falls
1305 Introduction to evidence: the principles
1310 Evidence of witnesses
1320 Documentary evidence
1330 Specific types of oral evidence
1332 Confessions
1334 Opinion evidence
1335 Expert evidence
1336 Hearsay evidence
1337 Character evidence
1338 Eye-witness testimony, and identity evidence
1340 Specific types of documentary evidence
1342 Contemporaneous notes
1344 Polygraph evidence
1346 Previous statements
1348 Parol evidence
1350 Law of evidence: real evidence
1352 What is real evidence?
1354 Video recordings
1356 Tape recordings
1358 Breathalysers
1360 Law of evidence: special rules
1361 Cautionary rule
1362 Entrapment
1363 Privilege
1364 Judicial notice
1365 Similar fact evidence
1366 Illegally obtained evidence
1370 Circumstantial evidence
1380 Limiting evidence at a hearing or arbitration
1382 Narrowing the issues
1384 Pre-arbitration conferences
1386 Opening statements
1388 Closing statements
1390 Assessing evidence
1395 Skills: what type of evidence is this?
Article code Title of article
1600 CCMA Rules and applications at the CCMA or bargaining council
1610 Introduction to applications in terms of CCMA Rules
1620 Applications for condonation
1630 Rescission and variation applications
1640 Applications for joinder and consolidation
1645 Applications for recusal
1650 Applications for postponement
1660 Applications for subpoenas
1670 Applications for legal representation
1675 Financial matters matter at the CCMA
1680 In limine applications at the CCMA