LLA 315 Workplace rules and discipline


This article commences the discussion about discipline and dismissal in a workplace, and explains where the employer gets the right to make workplace rules from, the various sources of those rules and explains with examples types of disciplinary codes.

Table of Contents

1.    Introduction

2.    The employer’s right to establish workplace rules

3.    The sources of workplace rules

3.1      Workplace rules based on legislation

3.2      Workplace rules  incorporated into the employee’s contract of employment

3.3      Workplace rules which arise out of practice and the common law

3.4      Workplace rules which arise out of agreement

3.5      Workplace rules which arise out of collective agreements

4.    Disciplinary Codes and Codes of Conduct

4.1      The status of disciplinary codes

4.2      The degree to which an employer is required to follow its own procedures

4.3      Policies and disciplinary codes

5.    Conclusion




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