LLA 1220 Chairing a hearing- law, skills and practice

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This course will enable any person who is tasked with chairing a hearing to do so professionally, quickly and above all fairly. The course covers everything a chairperson needs to know and explains how to chair a hearing in a logical, step-by-step process with practical examples. The comprehensive nature of the course will give chairpersons confidence, as well as the skills to apply the knowledge gained.



LLA 1220 Chairing a disciplinary hearing- law, skills and practice

A highly interactive, challenging and detailed learning experience awaits you!

This course provides a detailed presentation of the knowledge and skills a chairperson needs in order to chair a disciplinary hearing.

A workbook leads you through the course content and the videos combined with slides reinforce the learning process.

The content is separated into 16 modules each dealing with a separate topic, and with one topic building on the next until you have all the information and skills you require to chair a hearing fairly.

Each module ends with a quiz- a test, which will help you to check your understanding of the material.

There are a number of assignments in which you can practice your skills and confirm your knowledge of the law and processes involved.