LLA 1310 The evidence of witnesses at a hearing or arbitration

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About Course

LLA 1310 The evidence of witnesses at a hearing or arbitration

Witnesses are the key

Witnesses are the key to any case, whether in the context of a hearing or an arbitration. This course will assist both representatives who call witnesses and rely on their testimony, and chairpersons and arbitrators who have to assess their evidence. The course teaches both practical skills and the law in an accessible manner.

Practice makes perfect

Those who practice in the field of litigation, in both criminal law and civil law, will agree that the skills of leading a witness, cross examining and reexamining a witness require practice and determination. One never stops learning these skills. This course will provide the basic skills required, and which can be improved with practice over time. However, the workbook provides tested examples and give a solid example of what to do- and what not to do! which can be referred to over and over.

What this course covers

Quiz and assignments

In order to reinforce your understanding you should complete the quiz which will give you a sense of how well you understood the course contents.

There are assignments as well, which give you an opportunity to practice what you have learnt.


1310 Workbook Evidence of witnesses

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What Will You Learn?

  •  Understand both the practical process and the law regarding the evidence of witnesses
  •  Know which party must begin calling its witnesses and why
  •  Be able to prepare a witness to give evidence and to avoid collusion of witnesses
  •  Explain who can be called as a witness and why
  •  Start a hearing or arbitration in accordance with fairness and best practice
  •  Follow best practice when calling a witness and know how to put a witness at ease
  •  Define an opening statement and know how to make an opening statement
  •  Follow best practice and legal principles applicable to leading a witness
  •  Avoid leading questions, be able to detect a leading question and how to avoid or reframe a leading question
  •  Avoid complex questions and know how to reframe questions
  •  Lead a witness through her evidence
  •  Prepare for cross examination
  •  Understand what cross examination is and what it is not, and undertake effective cross examination of a witness
  •  Apply re-examination effectively
  •  Know how to deal with a hostile witness, and how to subpoena a witness.

Course Content

LLA 1310 Evidence of witnesses: Module 1
This module covers sections 1 to 2.7 of the workbook

  • Module 1: Sections 1 to 2.7 in workbook

LLA 1310 Evidence of witnesses: Module 2
This module covers sections 3 to 11 of the Workbook.

LLA 1310 Evidence of witnesses: Module 3
This module covers sections 12 to 17 of the workbook.

LLA 1310 Summative Quiz and assignments
The quiz should be completed only once you have been through all the modules and slides in this course.