LLA 1333 Hearsay evidence

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LLA 1333 Hearsay evidence

Hearsay evidence has a number of things in common with course on in camera evidence: they both give rise to confusion, mostly brought about by incorrect training, they are complicated, and so the aim of this course is to unravel the apparent difficulties and to show Practitioners how to present such evidence, how to oppose it, and how to assess it.

How would you go about presenting the following evidence:

  • A sum of money goes missing from a hotel room. The customer makes a statement about the money and leaves the hotel the following day to return to another country.
  • One employee assaults another. The injured employee does not return to work, and no one will come forward to testify at a hearing except a friend of the injured employee who was told by him what happened.

The often heard answer is: you can’t do anything as you can’t present any of the evidence- your hands are tied. The correct answer is that the form of evidence you wish to present are hearsay, and yes there is a way to have such evidence admitted.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Define hearsay evidence
  • Identify which evidence is hearsay and which is not
  • Understand why hearsay evidence is problematic
  • Refer to appropriate legislation with regard to hearsay evidence
  • Explain the three situations in which hearsay evidence can be admitted
  • Assess hearsay evidence

Course Content

Hearsay evidence
This course discusses and explains the law and best practice with regard to hearsay evidence.

  • 1333 Hearsay evidence Quiz