We work because we are alive in Christ

We work because we are alive in Christ

Being a Christ follower –being “in Christ” doesn’t lead us to becoming religious.

Being religious means ….

If someone is religious it means they follow a set of rules with the aim or purpose of making themselves pleasing to their god.

Being in Christ means that we do not only not have to try to work our way into God’s good books. Instead we understand as a living fact that we can do nothing to please God. We are sinners.

Sin and rules

Sin is not about breaking religious rules-although that is what the religious would have us think. Sin is making anything in our lives more important than God.

The good news- the gospel- is that through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, we have been made pleasing in God’s sight. We have done nothing to earn it. We don’t deserve it. We are now adopted into his family. We call God ‘Daddy’. That is the mystery of God’s grace freely given to those who believe.

A new creation and a new worldview

When Christ is our Lord one of the things that changes is that we see the world differently- we have a new worldview. That worldview will necessarily clash with our culture however we define that culture.

Becoming aware of the influence of our culture in the battle against our faith is part of the process that the Holy Spirit works in us to ‘work out our salvation’. We approach our faith through the lens of our culture when it should be the other way around.

Work and culture

Our understanding of work is one of the areas which needs to be changed in the light of the gospel.

God works [he creates the universe, forms a man on earth, plants a garden, waters it, and cultivates it], and he then commissions us to ‘fill the earth and subdue it’, meaning he gave us the responsibility to develop what was given to us and create and care for his creation.

We work because we are alive in him.

And God is glorified in man fully alive.


13th Dec 2018